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A guide to all features and events of DaemoniaCraft and how to use them effectively!

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What is DaemoniaCraft?Edit

DaemoniaCraft is a Minecraft server with a large range of unique things that you can do! On this wiki you will be able to learn about all aspects of the server and become well acquainted with our wide range of plugins and scenarios!

Getting started Edit

To get yourself started you need to get out of the spawn world and into one of the continents. Firstly, use one of the warp pads provided at spawn to teleport to a continent. Once you arrive, use '/rtp' to be randomly teleported to a new location within that continent. Next your going to need some money to establish a town. To gain money you need to work, aquiring a job is as simple as '/jobs browse', another way to get situated with some money is mining for ores, these ores can then be traded with other players or sold back to the server, what ores and the amount of them depends on what continent you are in.

Other helpful pages Edit

Since the server has so much content (and much more to come!) we have to split it amongst pages, here are some helpful links to those pages. We recommend you read them all at your own pace to gain a greater understanding of DaemoniaCraft!

Latest activityEdit

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